HubSpot Inc ranked No. 1 in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2020

Midst heightened regulatory scrutiny over Facebook Inc, the social media giant has dropped to the 23rd spot in Glassdoor’s list of “Best Places to Work” in 2020, down from the seventh spot it secured last year.

Employees have given Facebook’s senior leadership as well as its work-life balance a relatively lower rating in Glassdoor; The company received an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, compared with 4.5 last year.

“High profile projects can be extremely political and can really be dragged down by too many cooks in the kitchen. In a post-Cambridge Analytica world there are huge slowdowns in releasing new features or products …,” said an employee review on Glassdoor.

Facebook is facing growing scrutiny over the handling of user data, as well as the occurennce of fake campaigns on its platform; the development comes at a time when its planning a global cryptocurrency called Libra.

Employee’s sentiment towards Facebook however continue to remain largely positive based on career opportunities and better compensation, according to a Glassdoor report that was released late on Tuesday.

HubSpot Inc, a Software company has topped Glassdoor’s 100 best workplaces list; Google ranked number 11 while Apple Inc ranked at number 84.

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