Tesla receives around 150,000 orders for its futuristic Cybertruck

In a statement, Tesla Inc’s Chief Executive Elon Musk said the carmaker has so far received around 150,000 orders for its Cybertruck.

“146k Cybertruck orders so far, with 42% choosing dual, 41% tri & 17% single motor”, said Musk in a tweet. He went on to add, these orders came through without any advertising or paid endorsements.

Despite initial glitches during its launch and despite Wall Street’s perception of the Cybertruck’s design, the number of orders Tesla has received without any advertisements or paid endorsements give a real-world feel as to how customers perceive its innovative breakthrough.

Many analysts from Wall Street have praised the launch, while others doubted the futuristic design’s appeal.

The Cybertruck’s starting price is $39,900, and according to its website, customers can book it immediately by paying just $100.

Tesla plans on starting the manufacturing of the truck in late 2021.

Incidentally, the U.S. pickup truck market is one of the world’s most profitable vehicle segments; it is dominated by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co.


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