Goldman Sachs should pull Apple Card algorithm if it can’t explain it: Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren

Following a series of tweets by David Heinemeier Hansson wherein he criticized Apple Card’s algorithm, saying it gave him 20 times the credit limit compared to the one his wife received, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren questioned Goldman Sachs’s response to the allegations of bias in how the bank evaluates applicants for Apple Inc’s credit card. She suggested that Goldman pull down the algorithm if it is unable to explain it.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Goldman has responded to the allegations by asking aggrieved customers to request a second look at decisions pertaining to credit-limits.

Warren told Bloomberg, customers that potentially have been affected should not have to contact the bank to remedy the situation.

Goldman responded by saying it welcomed a discussion on this topic with policymakers and regulators.

“Goldman Sachs has not and will never make decisions based on factors such as gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other legally prohibited factors when determining credit worthiness,” said Goldman in a statement.

According to Warren, it is Goldman’s responsibility to come forward with the information about how that algorithm was designed and its exact impact while adding that “if they can’t do it, then they need to pull it down”.

“We are beginning to understand better that algorithms are only as good as the data that gets packed into them,” said Warren.

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