Export Of US Natural Gas On A Daily Basis Almost Doubles In H1 Of 2019

According to data available from united States Energy Information Administration (EIA), in the first half the of the current year, the country exported more than double the average net exports of net natural gas of 2018 already. Government data showed that the US exported natural gas at the rate of an average of 4.1 billion cubic feet (116 million cubic meters) per day (Bcf/d).

The neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico are the places where the United States exports its natural gas to through a network of pipeline while the liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced in the country is exported to a number of other countries. The significant rise in the export of natural gas in just the first half of the current year is because of more LNG facilities coming online, the EIA said while announcing the data.

The US exported 37 per cent more of LNG through the first half of 2019 compared to the exports in the same period last year. During the first half of 2019, two new liquefaction units came online while a number of other such LNG facilities have come online during the second half of 2019 so far in the country, showed data from the EIA Natural Gas Monthly.

A very significant portion of the US natural gas trade is transported through a network of pipeline across shared borders with Canada and Mexico even though there has been a substantial growth of LNG through other means in the US.

There was a 5 per cent growth year on year in the net exports of natural gas by pipeline to Mexico during the first half of the current year while there was no growth recorded in the exports of natural gas to Canada through the network of pipelines.

In recent years, production of natural gas in the United States has sky rocketed because of an explosion of shale gas projects. The government has also opened up new off shore and onshore drilling sites kin the country. This sudden and dramatic increase in production of shale gas in the US has also made it a player in the international oil and gas market. It has also increased the export capabilities of the country with respect natural gas. In 2017, the country produced enough natural gas and oil that it managed to become  a net exporter of natural gas on an annual basis for the first time in almost 60 years.

It is expected that the export of net natural gas will to continue rising through the end of 2019 according to EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook released earlier this month.

(Adapted from XinhuaNet.com)

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