Amazon’s AWS to build its $800 million data center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is also the location where AWS opened its office in 2018.

According to a provincial bulletin dated Oct. 24, Argentina has allowed Inc’s Web Services division AWS to build an $800-million data facility in Buenos Aires.

The data center will be built in a free trade area in Rosales near the port city of Bahia Blanca.

Although a spokeswoman from AWS declined to comment on the type of data facility the Bahia Blanca project would be, the size of the investment suggests a significant facility.

Given the size of the investment, Argentina and Chile, have been competing to lure Amazon to build its full-fledged data center in their respective countries.

Incidentally, in June 2019, AWS had said it would bolster its presence in Latin America with a smaller “Edge” location in Argentina.

This “Edge,” will also be located in Buenos Aires, where AWS has opened an office in April 2018, to help deliver deliver videos and applications at higher speeds while improving cyber security, said AWS.

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