Czechoslovakia will follow Germany’s approach vis-a-vis Huawei

Much like the issues highlighted by the United States, Czech cyber security watchdog NUKIB has also warned of potential risks of allowing Huawei to build the backbone of the country’s communication network.

On Thursday, Czechoslovakia’s industry minister was quoted as saying, it will follow the approach of Germany and other neighboring countries in addressing issues related to Huawei for building 5G networks.

In December 2018, Czech cyber security watchdog NUKIB had warned of potential risks from using Huawei technology.

The United States has been very vociforous in letting allies know the dangers of allowing Huawei to build their core communication networks.

Earlier this month, Germany has finalised rules for the build-out of its 5G networks which does not exclude Huawei.

In an interview to a Czech news daily, Pravo, Industry Minister Karel Havlicek stated, Czechoslovakia will following how the issue was playing out in Europe.

“The technology which is the foundation of building 5G networks has a global character and I cannot imagine that we would have different parameters set for the approach to Huawei or any other company in the Czech Republic than in Germany or Poland,” said Havlicek.

Pravo’s report also mentioned that the warning issued by NUKIB in December 2018 was still valid.

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