Harley-Davidson halts production of its electric motorcycle following discovery of a glitch

According to the U.S. motorcycle maker testing of LiveWire is going “well”.

Following the discovery of a glitch during final quality checks, U.S. motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson Inc stated, it has stopped the production and deliveries of its first electric motorcycle.

In a statement the motorcycle maker stated, it has discovered a “non-standard condition” with its electric motorcycle, LiveWire, which it began shipping to its dealers late last month; LiveWire is undergoing additional testing and analysis.

Harley has said, testing is progressing “well,” but did not offer a timeline as to when production will resume.

The company is betting on electric motorcycles to attract the next generation of younger and more environmentally conscious riders to reverse declining U.S. sales.

Priced at $29,799, LiveWire has been available for preorder in the United States since January 2019. The bulk of the orders for the bike were coming in from existing and old riders, said its dealers.

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