Apple’s newest iphones to launch on Sept. 10

Going by its tease, expect at least five color options for the new iphones.

Apple Inc is slated to host an event on September 10 at the Steve Jobs Theater in its California campus. It is widely expected that Apple will unveil its latest iphone models during the event.

In an invite to the event Apple came out with a tease showing a five-colored version of its logo, which could imply that its latest iphone models could come with more color choices.

In recent months, Apple has been in the eye of the storm following an escalation in U.S.-China trade war which has a direct bearing on its manufacturing in the communist country.

Due to its dependency on manufacturing in China, Apple’s products faces a 15% hike im import tariffs, including its smartwatches and wireless headphones, from September 1. A bigger hike in tariffs, which will come into effect from December 15, will impact its iphone.

For the first time in seven years, the sales of iPhones dropped to less than 50% of Apple’s total revenue, in its latest quarter.

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