Nvidia courts Amazon.com and VMWare with new AI-focused software

Nvidia’s vComputeServer software will help shuffle data back and forth between data centers and the cloud.

In an effort which sees chipmaker Nvidia Corp increasing its footprint in the cloud computing space, it stated has begun collaborating with Amazon.com Inc’s cloud division as well as with VMWare Inc to host artificial intelligence programs in Amazon’s cloud.

Although Nvidia started as a chipmaker that specializes in making graphics processors for computer video games, in recent years it has begun focusing its resources to processors which speed up artificial intelligence tasks, which includes teaching computers to recognize images.

While earlier artificial intelligence was once the domain of Silicon Valley tech giants, the field is quickly filtering into the domain of regular businesses to help with tasks such identifying un-discernable patterns in various industries including finance.

Many mainstream businesses use software developed by VMware to help shuffle data back and forth between their own data centers and cloud data centers depending on where the cost is best. However, this has been difficult to do with computer programs that rely on Nvidia chips for a speed boost.

Amazon.com and VMWare said, Nvidia intends to release a new piece of software called vComputeServer to address the issue in order to allow their joint customers move data more seamlessly around.

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