Twitter will no longer accept advertising from state-controlled news media

While the Chinese government wants to promote its views on western social media platforms, it has blocked its citizens from accessing Twitter and Facebook in the mainland.

On Tuesday, following Facebook and Twitter dismantling China’s state-backed campaign to malign and undermine concerns raised by the citizens of Hong Kong, China said it had a right to put out its own views.

On Monday, Twitter Inc said it has suspended 936 accounts that originated from China in what appeared to be a state-backed effort to discredit the mass movement in Hong Kong.

Following a tip from Twitter, Facebook Inc stated, it has also removed accounts and pages from a small network following an internal investigation wherein it found that these accounts and pages were linked to individuals associated with the Chinese government.

“What is happening in Hong Kong, and what the truth is, people will naturally have their own judgment. Why is it that China’s official media’s presentation is surely negative or wrong?” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

Twitter and Facebook have come under fire from users over showing ads from state-controlled media that criticized the Hong Kong protesters.

On Monday, Twitter stated, it would no longer accept advertising from state-controlled news media.

Incidentally, although the Chinese government wants to have a say on these platforms, it blocks its citizens from accessing both, Twitter and Facebook, platforms in the mainland.

China is concerned that the flames of democracy being lit in Hong Kong does not catch flames in mainland China. The Hong Kong protests has led to what is its most serious crisis in decades.

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