Facebook’s messaging apps to be affected in Apple’s new OS for phones

Apple’s new operating system for mobile phones will restrict background access to apps for making internet calls. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be affected.

According to a report from The Information, Apple Inc is making changes to its mobile operating system which will restrict voice calls over the internet. Apps such as Facebook Inc’s Messenger and WhatsApp are likely to get affected by the move.

According to the report, the VOIP calling features in these apps run in the background even when they are not being used in order to provide connect to calls faster while performing other tasks such as data collection.

Apple plans on restricting background access to apps while users make internet calls.

Neither Apple nor Facebook immediately responded to requests for comments.

The move is likely to force Facebook to redesign its messaging apps, stated the report citing two sources familiar with matter at hand.

Facebook’s WhatsApp uses this feature to implement its end-to-end encryption. A heavy redesign is likely to be in the works.

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