U.S.-based cyber security startup Cybereason raises $200 million from SoftBank

Cyberreason’s strength lies in its core offering – Endpoint Protection Platform.

On Tuesday, Antivirus startup Cybereason disclosed, it has raised $200 million in investment from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp.

Founded in 2012, so far the Boston-based company has managed to raise $400 million in funding rounds. Previously it raised capital from Spark Capital, CRV, and Lockheed Martin.

With the U.S.-China trade war on, and with North Korea lobbing missiles in order to draw attention to itself, a series of data breaches and cyber attacks at major corporations has given sufficient grounds for cyber security companies to increase the sales of their offerings.

Cyber attacks have ranged from denial-of-service attacks, that can cripple an entire organization, to malware and phishing attacks, which are often directed towards targeted individuals via emails containing dangerous links and attachments.

Cybereason stated, it will use its newly acquired funds to “expand its global footprint and focus on further developing its core offering, Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)”.

EPP is a software security suite of endpoint protection technologies such as antivirus, data encryption, intrusion prevention and data loss prevention that detects and stops threats at the end user level.

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