Qualcomm & Tencent collaborates on creating optimized gaming devices & 5G

The agreement potentially also includes tweaking game titles for U.S. laptops powered by Qualcomm’s processors which will connect to the internet vide 5G rather than use Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm Inc, the largest supplier of mobile phone chips stated, it will collaborate with China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd on projects that could include making Tencent’s video games run better on devices featuring Qualcomm chips. The agreement will also see the two create a 5G version of Tencent’s gaming phone.

In 2018, Tencent had reported a sharp fall in profits following the Chinese government’s move to ban the approval of its games for several months. Chinese authorities have given Tencent permission to launch Perfect World Mobile, a major title, in the January-March quarter.

In a statement both companies said, future Tencent games could be “optimized” for Android phones that feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite gaming chips.

The duo have previously worked on building a gaming phone. Earlier this month, Tencent partnered with Republic of Games, the gaming division of Asustek Computer Inc, to create a gaming phone featuring a Qualcomm chip.

“Mobile gaming, an important 5G use case, will soon take advantage of the next generation of connectivity,” said Frank Meng, Qualcomm China’s Chairman in a statement. “Faster speeds, more bandwidth, and cutting edge ultra-low latency will support real-time, multi-player and immersive gaming experience.”

Tencent is working on a cloud-based back-end service called Instant Play which game developers could tap to power streaming games. Microsoft is also offering a similar service in its Azure cloud computing service.