Plans Of Selling Over 1000 New Planes To Latin America And Caribbean By Airbus

Airlines of Latin America and the Caribbean would be sold more than 1000 new passenger crafts by the European planemaker Airbus SE over the next 15 years which would account for about half of the aircrafts that would be needed to fulfill the expected demand in that time, claimed news reports.

About 60 per cent of the total fleet service in Latin America and the Caribbean – amounting to more than 700 Airbus planes, are already in operation in fleets in the regions. .

“In the next 15 years, the Latin American aviation market will require more than 2,000 new aircraft. We’d sell more than 1,000 planes,” Alberto Robles, Airbus vice president for the region told news agency Reuters in a phone interview on Thursday from Medellin, Colombia.

7 per cent of the 64 billion euros or $72 billion in net profit that the company posted last year would was accounted for the by business in Latin American and the Caribbean. Helicopters, military transportation and satellites are also sold to the countries of the regions by the European plane maker.

As a part of renewing the defense air fleet of Colombia, the company is hopeful of selling its Eurofighter Typhoon jets, said Robles while attending an aeronautic fair outside the Colombian city of Medellin.

In a separate development, sales of a new book that was commissioned by Airbus in connection to its 50th anniversary was stopped by the plane maker, reportedly to avoid the chances of arriving at a settlement in a bribery probe being reduced, claimed reports citing source information. According to the sources based news articles, this measure by the Airbus is clear reflection of the tensions within the company as the roughly $400 million, four-year internal probe is drawing to an end. The probe is being carried out in support of an Anglo-French investigation probing the role of intermediaries to secure deals for the company.

During the period of the probe, more than 100 people have already been fired by Airbus over ethics and compliance issues.

The Book is titled “Airbus: The First 50 Years” and it provides an account of the challenges that the company faced while becoming the largest and closest rival to United States based Boeing. However the controversy is that it also has a chapter that talks about the internal probe ongoing in the company.

According to sources, the outcome of the internal is expected to be presented by Airbus by the end of the current year to the UK Serious Fraud Office and France’s PNF police. Reports said that that this would increase the chances for Airbus of getting a more lenient ruling from the regulators according to a system prosecution agreements that gives the opportunity for settlement of such case through hefty fines instead of stricter measures such as banning participation of charged companies in participating in public contracts.

According to the most recent reports, the sale of the books was stopped because Airbus feels that the negotiations with the authorities or any discussions to relieve from other litigation as it seeks a fresh start under new management, could be hampered by the publication.

While acknowledging that the sale of the commissioned book would not be put up for sale, the company did not confirm that the decision had anything to do with the ongoing probe.

“We continue to co-operate in full with the ongoing investigation,” an Airbus spokesman said. “The investigation and the book are two separate topics”.

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