France To Impose Eco-Tax On Air Tickets On Flights Out Of The Country

The French government is all set to impose a revolutionary “eco tax” on all each and every flight that leaves any of the airports in the country, the government has said.

The French Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne said that starting 2020, €180m ($202m; £162m) is expected to be generated annually from the tax. The government said that type of ticket that passenger purchases would decide the amount of tax that would be payable to the government.

The government said that a tax of €1.50 would be imposed on every economy class air tickets on flights within France or within the European Union. The rate of taxation for business class tickets for flights out of the EU would be the highest and would be priced of up to €18 higher because of the eco tax.

“We have decided to put in place an eco-tax on all flights from France,” Borne said during a news conference recently.

The government however is not imposing the tax for flights that fly within the country but would be applicable only for flights leaving the country.

The government would be making investments in transportation that are less polluting such as railways with the money that it would generate form the tax, Borne said.

In the last few years, a number of efforts to make the environmental regulations stricter have been taken by the French government in its aim of reducing pollution in the country. However the government was forced to abandon a plan for increasing taxes on fuel following the now well known and wide spread protests by the so called supporters of the “yellow vests” (“gilets jaunes”) movement.

Initiatives in order to reduce pollution are also being undertaken and tried out by the airline industry itself. Starting this year, airlines would be required to monitor and report their emissions annually under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation program.

The full scheme will start in 2021.

According to warnings from the European Union, by 2020, there could be a 300 per cent increase in the CO2 emissions from aviation industry if there is no action taken to check the levels of pollution.

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