Germany’s Federal Office of Justice fines Facebook for $2.26 million

Facebook was fined since it had presented incorrect data on its transporency report on illegal content on its social media platform.

In a significant development, German authorities have fined levied a fine of $2.26 million (2 million euros) on Facebook for providing a “distorted picture of the amount of illegal content on the social media platform” which is in violation of the country’s law on internet transparency.

Germany’s Federal Office of Justice, stated by publishing incomplete information regarding the complaints it had received Facebook has skewed the picture.

Facebook is facing a global backlash over the role its platform played in various election campaigns , including that of the United States, the Philippines, and Britain, and is facing severe headwinds to on public relations.

Under Germany’s network transparency law, social media platforms are required to report the number of complaints of illegal content they have received. The charge that Facebook underreported violations could undermine its drive to burnish its tarnished reputation.

“This creates a distorted picture of the scale of illegal content on the platform and the way Facebook deals with it,” said the Federal Office of Justice. “The report contains only a fraction of the complaints of illegal information.”

In 2018, according to Facebook’s transparency report, it had received 1,048 complaints relating to illegal content on its social media platform over the second half of the year. In contrast, transparency reports from Google’s YouTube video service and Twitter reported well over a quarter of a million complaints for 2018.

Incidentally, Germany has some of the world’s strictest privacy and hate speech laws and has some of the strictest social media regulations.

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