Medtronic’s insulin pumps vulnerable to remote exploits, being recalled

Medtronic’s is not aware of any confirmed reports of patients coming to harm because of the cybersecurity risks.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned, certain insulin pumps made by Medtronic Plc, are being recalled due to their potential risk of being hacked.

The FDA said, as of now, they are not aware of any confirmed reports of patient harm related to the cybersecurity risks.

“An unauthorized person with special technical skills and equipment could potentially connect wirelessly to a nearby insulin pump to change settings and control insulin delivery,” said Medtronic.

According to the FDA, Medtronic has identified 4,000 patients who use this type of insulin pumps which are vulnerable to remote attacks.

However, according to Medtronic’s customer support, all old models of the pump are not being recalled; instead the company is offering an exchange offer.

Out-of-warranty models can be exchanged for a newer model at a discounted price, states Medtronic’s website; in-warranty products can also be exchanged for free.

In March 2019, cybersecurity vulnerabilities were identified in Medtronic’s implantable cardiac devices, clinic programmers and home monitors.

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