BMW & Jaguar Land Rover forms partnership to develop electric cars

The partnership is aimed at slashing the cost and time of the development cycle and bring vehicles equipped with state of the art technologies to the market as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, in a development that marks yet another alliance to bring down the cost of developing electric cars, BMW stated it will partner with Jaguar Land Rover to develop its next-generation electric motors, transmission and power electronics.

“Together, we have the opportunity to cater more effectively for customer needs by shortening development time and bringing vehicles and state-of-the-art technologies more rapidly to market,” said Klaus Froehlich, a BMW board member.

Through this alliance, the two carmakers aim to save costs through shared development, production planning and joint purchasing.

Both companies will produce electric drivetrains in their own manufacturing facilities, said BMW.

“We’ve proven we can build world beating electric cars but now we need to scale the technology to support the next generation of Jaguar and Land Rover products,” said Nick Rogers, Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering director.

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