5G participation will be based on technology and strategic national security interests: Le Maire

France will allow Huawei to bid for building its 5G network.

In a significant development, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire disclosed, France will not rule out specific operators for establishing its 5G telecoms network and that participation of the players will be based on security and performance of networks.

The comments come in the wake of French President Emmanuel Macron saying last week that France does not aim to block China’s Huawei for participating for the creation of its 5G network.

“We want to carry out a careful control of this 5G deployment … without designating an operator as unwelcome in France,” said Le Maire.

On Tuesday, France’s ARCEP telecoms regulator had said, 5G deployment in the country would go ahead as planned in 2020 despite the difficulties faced by Huawei.

“We will take decisions based on technological interest and the strategic security of our networks,” said Le Maire.

He went on to add, there is no certainty that Huawei alone has the best technology; France would assess all alternatives very closely, before taking a call.

“I’m not sure that we don’t have a choice. There are other operators that offer solutions and we are going to assess that in the coming months,” said Le Maire in reference to Sweden’s Ericsson.

“I met the president of Ericsson and he presented technological options… this idea that there is only Huawei and all the other firms are so far behind needs to be checked and can be questioned,” said Le Maire.

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