German prosecutors impose fine of $35M on Porsche for cheating diesel emission tests

Porsche clearly aims to move past the dieselgate scandal and has chosen not to appeal the fine.

German prosecutors have imposed a fine of $598 million (535 million euro) on luxury carmaker Porsche AG, a unit of Volkswagen, for lapses in supervisory duties which allowed the company to cheat diesel emissions tests.

According to the prosecutors, Porsche’s development department had neglected its legal obligations, which led to the sale of diesel cars whose exhausts emitted pollution beyond accepted levels.

In 2018, German prosecutors had levied a 1 billion euro fine on Porsche for management lapses; they also imposed a fine of 800 million euros against Audi.

Car models across the Volkswagen Group, including VW, Porsche and Audi, had failed to comply with clean air rules; authorities had found that they cheated during emissions tests.

So far prosecutors have pursued individual engineers and have taken legal action against carmakers for lack of oversight and failing to prevent heavily polluting cars from hitting European roads.

According to prosecutors, Porsche has not appealed its findings.

Confirming the imposition of the fine, Porsche stated that proceedings by prosecutors against it had come to an end.

According to prosecutors, “the fine does not hinder ongoing proceedings against individual people in relation to Porsche’s diesel manipulations”.

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