Pew Survey Finds Women Form Majority Of Most Prolific Twitter Users In US

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, the majority of the most prolific users on Twitter are comprised of women.

A number of differences between the most active users on the social media platform Twitter and the majority of people on its platform were found identified by researchers of the report of the study which was published on Wednesday. Just the top 10 per cent of Twitter users account for an estimated almost 80 per cent of all of the tweets from U.S. adult users, according to Pew survey report. Every month, that elite 10 per cent tweet a median of 138 messages. Pew said that in comparison, just two times a month are posted by the median Twitter user.

The gender breakdown of Twitter’s most prolific users was among the most surprising findings. The survey based research also found that women make up just 48 per cent of the Twitter users who are less active while they account for 65 per cent of the group that form o the group of most vocal Twitter users.

According to Pew, compared to the bottom 90% of tweeters, more tweets about politics is posted on a regular basis by the group of highly active users on the social media platform. Of the respondents in the more prolific group, 42 per cent said they have tweeted about politics in the last 30 days, compared with 13 per cent of respondents from the less active group.

In relation to the overall general age based demographics of the U.S. population, those using twitter are younger, found researchers. They also typically possess higher levels of education and are more likely to be supporters and sympathisers of the Democratic Party.

The study was based on a late 2018 survey of 2,791 U.S. adult Twitter users who agreed to share their Twitter handles with researchers.

Further conversation around Twitter’s political leanings could be stoked by these demographic findings. Criticisms of Twitter and other social media platforms have already been ramped up by lawmakers and have been alleging that they muzzle conservative voices. The US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was faced by a representative from the company earlier this month over what Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called, according to The Washington Post, a “consistent pattern of political bias and censorship on the part of big tech.”

The Pew research was a conducted nationally in the US comprising of 2,791 U.S. adult Twitter users.

“Twitter users also differ from the broader population on some key social issues. For instance, Twitter users are somewhat more likely to say that immigrants strengthen rather than weaken the country and to see evidence of racial and gender-based inequalities in society. But on other subjects, the views of Twitter users are not dramatically different from those expressed by all U.S. adults,” said Pew about the research findings.

The researchers also concluded that the Twitter users, in comparison to the general adult population of the country, tend to have higher levels of household income and educational attainment.

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