Huawei launches world’s first 5G communication hardware for automobiles

Huawei’s modile, based on its Balong 5000 5G chip, is aimed at establishing itself as a key supplier for parts for the upcoming connected car industry.

On Monday, in a development that further underscores China’s ambition to position Huawei Technologies as a vehicle to further its global ambitions, the embattled tech giant stated, it has launched the world’s first 5G communications hardware for the automotive industry.

The development places Huawei as a supplier for next generation self-driving vehicles.

In a statement Huawei said, its MH5000 module is based on the Balong 5000 5G chip which it launched in January.

“Based on this chip, Huawei has developed the world’s first 5G car module with high speed and high quality,” said Huawei.

Huawei launched the module at the Shanghai Autoshow, which began last week and runs until Thursday.

“As an important communication product for future intelligent car transportation, this 5G car module will promote the automotive industry to move towards the 5G era,” said Huawei.

According to the state-backed company, this module will enable it to start commercializing 5G network technology for the automotive sector in the second half of 2019.

Towards this end, Huawei has been testing technology for intelligent connected cars in the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Wuxi; it has also signed joint ventures deals with a host of carmakers including Dongfeng, FAW, and Changan.

Huawei faces strong headwinds from a growing number of nations across the globe over its ties with China’s Communist Party. Intelligence agencies have alleged that its equipment could be used for espionage purposes for Chinese intelligence.

Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.

On June 27, 2018, China has hastily passed a law which compels Chinese companies and citizens to cooperate in matters of surveillance.

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