Airbus To Be Modernised And A Leaner Management Created, Says New CEO

European airplane maker Airbus embarked on an effort to achieve a simplified management structure under its new Chief Executive Guillaume Faury as the new e3xecutive sought to make his [personal imprint on the company. He also announced a plan to modernize its factory modernisation. These measures, announced on Thursday, are believed to being made in response to rival US plane maker Boeing

The changes were unveiled by the 51-year-old former head of plane making just within a day of the retirement of Tom Enders who was the company head and one of the founder of the company.

“We will utilise new digital technologies to optimise our industrial system,” Faury said.

Until recently, Franco-German industrial rivalries and struggles for power were very publicly fought at Airbus. Faury however had managed to stay out of such spotlight as Enders rivalled openly with Fabrice Bregier , the then planemaking chief Fabrice Bregier.

Last year, after the departure of Bregier, Faury had moved to head the planes division from being head of the helicopters unit. Faury also eliminated the post from a new 12-person executive panel lifting engineering, communications and sales to the top table on Thursday.

This year, Airbus is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a plane maker and this year is also the 20th year since the pan-European merger which had created a wider Franco-German aerospace company. That was later integrated back into Airbus itself. And t hat transition is effectively completed by the new changes.

Experts and analysts are expecting the earlier habit of Airbus of its adventurist spirit and public baiting of U.S. rival Boeing would be discarded by it completely and the company would now focus more on implementing advanced methods of production that are being increasingly adapted from the car industry. This is because Faury had functioned in senior manufacturing and research roles at maker the car company PSA Group for four years.

The priorities of the new CEO were outlined by him before the shareholders.

“I see fantastic challenges…we have to invent new production systems and leverage the power of data,” Faury said.

The A320neo of Airbus currently has huge orders but delivery of the craft has been delayed because of snags and supplier delays. The Airbus A320neo competes with the currently grounded 737 MAX of Boeing.

According to reports, Airbus would be got ready for a different form of strategic rivalry with Boeing as well as new aircrafts manufacturers from China. It involves a complete focus on as establishment of a lean a manufacturing system as much as possible and the greater use of robotic production methods.

One of the major tasks for Faury would be to settle and re-motivate the more than 130,000 employees of Airbus following a scandal of bribery at the company which had resulted in a multi-national investigation as well as an internal investigation. The scandal and the internal investigation had started four years ago. The recent decision of ending manufacturing of its flagship A380 crafts has also been an issue within the company.

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