Britain Allocates Funds For Its Next Super Computer

A super computer that would have the processing power of 10,000 trillion calculations every second would be built at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Britain, after the varsity secured a funding of $104 million last week for the project.

The announcement of the funding was made by Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond while also making the spring budget announcement on Britain’s economy to the United Kingdom parliament.

Announcement of a total funding of $264 million was also made by Hammond in his statement. He said that this funding would help in upholding the reputation the UK of being a pioneer and a global leader in computing even as it is set to leave the European Union.

According to the announcement, the new super computer that would be built – which would also be the national supercomputer, would have a capacity of computation which that would be five times the total capacity of the currently fastest computer in the country. And compared to a traditional desktop computer the computation capacity would be thousands of time greater.

Discoveries in medicine, climate science and aerospace would be significantly helped by this high performing super computer and would also further earlier attempts in the UK of creating a breakthrough in the targeted treatments for arthritis and HIV.

“I am told it will be capable of a staggering 10,000 trillion calculations per seconds,” said Hammond.

The current super computer in the country is called the Archer system first launched in 2013 and is capable of more than one million billion calculations a second.

The new super computer would be called Archer2 according to reports and would enhance the position of UK to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Supercomputers, that is able to analyze huge amounts of data and cater with multiple requests at a time, are typically used for creation of models of weather patterns, calculation of airflow around aircraft and in the designing of cars.

“Most other industrial nations invest heavily in their supercomputer infrastructure. Supercomputers are used across many sectors, they generate jobs, they generate innovation and new science. Making sure the UK is at the forefront of that is critical,” said Paul Clark, director of high performance computing systems at EPCC, the university’s supercomputing centre.

The new Archer2 super computer is expected to be installed at the University overt he next year with help from United Kingdom Research and Innovation.

While focusing on funding for the super computer project, upholding the position of the UK as a leader in the technology revolution was amongst the core concerns for the strategy of the government, Philip Hammond said.

He also announced some of the other flagship projects which include cutting-edge genetic research in Cambridge and laser  technology in Oxfordshire.

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