Apple To Rival Netflix By Hiring Oscar Chasers

If reports are to be believed, Apple Inc. is now targeting prestigious film awards, including the Oscars, for an upcoming series of original movies and TV shows. According to reports quoting source with knowledge of the issue, this approach by Apple shows its ambitions for dominating Hollywood with its video streaming service which is being set up to be a competition for the likes of Netflix Inc., Inc. and other established studios.

In order to draw up unique strategies and campaigns for entertainment industry awards, the Cupertino, California-based technology firm is in the process of hiring strategists. The targeted awards include Hollywood’s highest prizes like the Oscars and Emmys, said the reports quoting sources who did not to be identified because the plans and strategies were private. There were no comments made by Apple.

People with experience of awards strategy are being hired by Apple to form a team. For example, one such person from Walt Disney Co.’s television group was hired by it in January. Sources also reportedly said that a high-level candidate to oversee the process is also being sought to be hired by the iPhone maker. Reports also said that it w\could be as early as 2020 that the company could be in the running for Emmy awards.

The seriousness of the iPhone maker about it producing its own content were questioned by investors, consumers and entertainment industry insiders ever since the company has started to slowly but surely enter the video streaming industry in 2016. In recent times however, there are clear indications of the intentions of the company to rival recent disruptors like Netflix which include the most recent announcements involving A-list artists and producers, together with the embrace of Hollywood award campaigns,.

The role of awards strategists is to arrange for screenings and other publicity events for Hollywood insiders and others who are the ones who vote about the movies that should be chosen for awards. But there are strict guidelines that these promoters need to function even while they arrange for the voters to watch the movies and when the voters also interact with the actors and filmmakers. There can be greater consumer numbers to streaming services if its content is able to win awards. Wining prizes also results in attracting higher-profile directors and actors who typically tend to consider the online video streaming business to be below the mainstream Hollywood studios in stature.

The hiring of strategist Lisa Taback, who was a part of the campaigns that resulted in flicks including “Moonlight” and “The King’s Speech” being chosen for best picture Oscars, by Netflix last year had created a stir. This year, there were three Oscar awards for Netflix’s movie “Roma” and was nominated in the best picture category in the same event.

Projects that involve Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Durant, and producers such as J.J. Abrams, by Apple are seeing the company invest billions of dollars. A slate of films from Oscar-winning studios A24 and Cartoon Saloon is also being built by it.

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