Daimler open to collaborating with BMW on battery cell design

Carmakers are pushing to slash R&D costs related to the design of electric battery cells so as to bring down the cost of launching electric cars.

In a strategic move aimed at slashing the cost of launching electric vehicles, Daimler’s chief of research and development, Ola Kaellenius, stated, it is open to collaborating with a peer on the design of electric car battery cells. The move comes at a time when carmakers are struggling to bring down the costs of launching electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz, Daimler’s parent, has already earmarked $22.65 billion (20 billion euros) for purchasing battery cells from suppliers; it is also exploring a development partnership with BMW in the area of autonomous vehicles as a means to lower its costs of research and development.

When asked whether Daimler is pursing a pooled purchasing strategy of battery cells with BMW, Kaellenius declined to comment, but stated: “If there were formats that are suited to our vehicles, I would not rule out this possibility.”

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