Germany’s Volkswagen signs up e.GO for its MEB production system

e.GO Mobile, a German startup, has helped develop a delivery van that is now being produced by a subsidiary of postal services group Deutsche Post. Among the startup’s other projects, it is also pursuing to bring an e-minibus to the market through a a joint venture with German automobile supplier ZF Friedrichshafen.

In asgi significant development, Germany’s Volkswagen has signed up e.GO Mobile, a German start-up, as its first external partner for its modular platform for electric vehicles (EV), in a move aimed at simplifying production across its car models.

In a statement, VW stated, e.GO will use its MEB production system to “bring e-vehicles to market that complement Volkswagen’s model offering”. However, a specific vehicle has yet to be jointly decided, said VW.

In January, Michael Jost, VW chief of brand strategy said in a newspaper interview that the carmaker was in advanced talks with peers over opening its modular EV production platform to rivals.

The cornerstone in VW’s strategy is aimed at gaining cost advantages by producing in large number and standardize componnents for vehicle models, as much as is practically possible.

In January, VW had said it was exploring joint development of e-vehicles with Ford.

On the eve of the Geneva car show, VW had said it plans on sinking in $34 billion (30 billion euros) in e-mobility until 2023.

Incidentally, VW’s electric-vehicle investment budget outstrips that of its closest peer. The German carmaker is pursuing a strategy of profitable mass-production of electric vehicles – a strategy that no other carmaker has come close to achieving.

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