LG unveils 5G smartphone that can recognize gestures and is ultra secure

Unlike smartphones which recognize faces, LG’s offering can scan the vein structure of a user’s hands in 3D.

In a first, South Korea’s LG Electronics has unveiled a 5G smartphone featuring a dual screen, underscoring new design efforts by the company to revive flagging sales.

Both screens work independent to each other on the LG V50ThinQ, thus a user can watch a film on one screen while browsing the internet on the other.

The South Korean company saw its sales dip by a quarter in 2018 due to increased competition from rivals including Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi midst s slackening of the smartphone market globally.

Huawei and Xiaomi, along with LG have announced 5G smartphones in Barcelona on the eve of the Mobile World Congress, the indutry’s main annual event. While Huawei priced its phone at a whopping $2,600, Xiaomi’s prices were mode down to earth at $680.

Despite the competition from these Chinese brands, consumers who prefer good quality video and audio have remained loyal to LG’s offerings.

Addressing these users, LG launched a second smartphone, the G8ThinQ, which can be unlocked without even touching the screen. The smartphone uses light sensors to scan the veins in a user’s hand or to recognize their face. The G8ThinQ uses a German-made sensor chip developed by Infineon Technologies, which can scan in three dimensions. This feature makes the phone more secure than existing smartphones which use biometric methods of unlocking phones, including fingerprints.

At the launch event LG product evangelist David Montanya stated, it would be very harder for someone to ‘spoof’ this feature compared to Apple’s FaceID since the vein structure in a user’s hand has less than one chance in a billion of being the same as anyone else’s.

The smartphone allows recognizes gestures. For example, if a user wanted to adjust the volume of a song or that of a video, he/she could just twist their fingers, just like you would on an actual product.

So far, LG has not announced a release date or prices for the new phones. It has however stated, the 5G model would hit stores in the first half of this year.

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