Survey Predicts Surge In Far-Right Seats In EU Poll

A survey by the European Parliament revealed on Monday predicted that the biggest group in the EU legislature would be the center-right after elections in May this year, which indicates that there would also be an increase in the number of seats to the far right.

According to the survey, with 29 seats, the position of the biggest single party would be again held by the German Christian Democrat CDU/CSU alliance led by Chancellor Angela Merkel while the far-right group that is now in government in Italy would be a close second.

The report further predicts that the far-right group of Italy would get 27 seats which would be a reflection of the increasing of the popularity of nationalist sentiment against the established parties and movement that are pro-EU throughout Europe. Speaking about the elections, European Parliament’s chief spokesman Jaume Duch told a news conference that since the first election that was held in 1979, this election would be the most important EU election.

There can be greater political uncertainty due to a gain of about 40 percent for radicals on the right, to 14 percent of seats in the European Parliament even though there would be a retention of the dominance of the traditional parties which would ensure that there is a continuation of the broad centrist majority coalition which has traditionally supported legislations made by the EU executive.

The report said that the new chamber would have 183 of the 705 seats, or 26 percent of the seats to the European People’s Party (EPP), to which Merkel belongs. That would be lower than the current 29 per cent of seats in the Parliament. The survey was conducted across 27 member states of the EU and national polling data of the countries were also used.

That number would be more than the 135 seats for the center-left Socialists and Democrats whose share of the parliament in terms of seats would get reduced by 6 percentage points to 19 per cent which would partly be because of the reduction in the number of seats from Britain as it would be leaving the EU on March 29. The total number of seats at 751 would get reduced.

Britain’s ruling Conservative party does not sit with the EPP. The European Conservatives and Reformists would however be hit by their departure and its position will drop from third to the fifth position.

There would be an increase from 10 per cent to 14 per cent in the seats of at least two of the eight far-right eurosceptic groups who are currently in the parliament even though they have lost of the Brexit campaigners the UK Independence Party. This is because of the increase in share of Italy’s League which is expected to add 21 seats, Germany’s AfD with expected gain of 11 seats and the French National Rally of Marine Le Pen which is anticipated to gain six more sears if elections are held today.

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