Matchmaking App For Livestock Based On Tinder Launched In The UK

How would one react if someone said that a new dating application has been developed for animals?

While some could be amazed, some could just term the concept to be fictional.

But the latest matchmaking app that has been developed is indeed for animals.

This app, which has been developed by UK farming start-up Hectare, has been based on the dating and matchmaking app Tinder. It has been christened Tudder which has been launched and aimed at matching livestock.

The application contains a large data base that id full of information and profiles about animals from about 42,000 farms in the United Kingdom. The aim of the application is to aid farmers in locating the perfect meeting or breeding partner for the cattle that they own.

The application allows farmers and cattle owners interested in getting their animals into mating can view pictures of bulls or cows and simply just swipe right to show that they are interest in a particular animal.

The aim of the app is “reinventing farm trading – and making farmers’ lives easier”, said Hectare Agritech, which also runs online grain marketplace Graindex.

The company said that it has managed to generate funds of about more than £3m from investors and organisations which also includes grants and funding from government schemes. One of the investors in the app is tennis player Andy Murray.

The first website of the company called Sell My Livestock was launched in 2014 and it claims that it is already used by more than one-third of UK farms for trading of animals. The new application is also linked back to the original website and the app is described as “a bit of fun”, with an app store description replete with terrible puns.

For instance, the app “seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates” and is designed for farmers “playing the role of moo-pid”.

Matching breeding livestock “should be even easier than matching people”, said Hectare’s chief executive, Doug Bairner.

On Monday, the app showed pictures and profiles of pedigree Simmental breeding heifers in Oxfordshire, Holstein Friesian heifers from County Cork in Ireland and pedigree Welsh Black cows from a farm in Conwy.

The owners of the images of the cattle shown in the can be got in touch with by interested users by swiping right on the images of the cattle  which increases the speed of a process that can often include transporting of the cattle through long distances. This app therefore is believed to a very useful one for cattle breeders and owners.

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