Huawei could participate in building Germany’s 5G network

While visiting Japan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated, before Huawei is allowed to bid for building Germany’s 5G network, some solid guarantees will have to be provided by the Chinese state.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it very clear to China that Germany will not simply hand over data to the Chinese state. If Huawei Technologies bids for building Germany’s 5G network it will have to have some strong guarantees.

Merkel voiced this opinion on a visit to Japan. She said, Germany will have to factor in security concerns and that it was important to speak to the Chinese government so “the company doesn’t just simply hand the data to the state”.

While addressing students at the Keio University, Merkel said, it was important for firms working in Germany to bring data safety measures in place and that it must be made very clear to China that it cannot get access to all of the data of Chinese products sold in Germany.

Merkel’s remarks come in the wake of China’s Huawei facing increasing scrutiny over its ties with China’s Communist government and suspicion that Beijing could use Huawei’s equipment for kinds of things, including espionage, a charge the company has repeatedly denied.

Incidentally, unlike many other nations in the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Germany has yet to take a stand whether it will exclude Huawei from its market on grounds of national security.


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