Argument Of Political Motive Behind US Allegations Could Be Used By Huawei CFO: Reports

According to reports published in the Globe and Mail newspaper on Monday, Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou is seeking ways to create a defence for herself according to which she would claim that the charges posed against her by the United States are politically motivated. This line of legal remedy is being sought by Meng to counter the extradition to the US case she is likely to face in Canada where she was arrested last month by Canadian authorities at the behest of the US.,

The US gas charged that she had facilitated her company Huawei to bypass and violate the US sanctions on Iran by engaging in business ties with Tehran.

And in more recent times, the high-stakes dispute between the United States and China has brought Meng, the chief financial officer of China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd in the cross wire of the dispute.

“The political overlay of this case is remarkable,” Richard Peck, lead counsel for Meng, told the Toronto newspaper in a telephone interview as claimed in the report. “That’s probably the one thing that sets it apart from any other extradition case I’ve ever seen. It’s got this cloud of politicization hanging over it,” Peck added.

It could not speculate on Meng’s possible defences, said The office of Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti.

“We are committed to a fair process unfolding before the courts and the steps undertaken by the Department of Justice Canada on this case have followed due process, in accordance with the Extradition Act, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our Treaty with the United States,” a spokeswoman for Canada’s Department of Justice said in an e-mailed statement ot the newspaper as claimed in the report.

There was no response from Peck’s office to the issue. There was also no comment on the issue made by Huawei.

The arrest has also strained relations between Canada and China. Following the incident, the news of  the arrest of two Canadian nationals in Beijing had emerged. There were also diplomatic spats between Canada and China.

Earlier in January, the Canadian ambassador to China John McCallum, was fired by Canada following his comment that a strong case against being extradited to the US could be made by Meng.

“He [Mr McCallum] mentions some of the potential defenses – and certainly, I think any person that knows this area would see the potential for those defenses arising,” Peck told the Globe and Mail.

The report published in the Globe and Mail newspaper also said that a legal argument is being prepared by the lawyers of Meng where they would challenge whether the conduct of Meng as alleged by the US, be considered to be a criminal offence under the Canadian law.

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