Non-Recyclable Plastic Packaging To Be Stopped By Samsung Starting This Year

All of the plastic parts used in packaging of products of Samsung Electronics would now be replaced some suitable alternative materials this year, said the South Korean company on Monday.

The company announced that it would use recycled or bio-based plastics and paper in place of non destructible plastics staring from the first half of this year for the packaging of all of the products that are currently in circulation for Samsung which would range from mobile phones to home appliances.

The design of its mobile phone chargers would also be changed by it, said Samsung, where in the company would do away with all forms of plastic protection films by creating a matte finish instead of the currently available glossy exteriors of the chargers.

“Samsung Electronics is stepping up in addressing society’s environmental issues such as resource depletion and plastic wastes,” said Gyeong-bin Jeon, head of Samsung’s Global Customer Satisfaction Center. “We will adopt more environmentally sustainable materials even if it means an increase in cost.”

Bags containing recycled materials and bioplastics would replace plastic bags that the company uses to protect the surfaces of a very wide range of its home appliances such as TVs and washing machines. The alternative materials would be made from non-fossil fuel materials such as starch and sugar cane.

And for the packaging and manuals of the company, Samsung would make use of only paper made of materials that are duly certified by global environmental organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council by 2020, it said.

Samsung has set itself a target of making use of about 500 tons of recycled plastics and for the collection of about 7.5 million tons of discarded products by 2030 according to the Samsung Electronics’ wider circular economy policy, the company said.

The tasks of designing, purchasing, marketing and quality control for its new packaging and packaging materials would be overseen by a task force that has already been established by the company.

A pledge to reduce pollution of the environment because of plastic was undertaken last year by more than 40 businesses including the likes of P&G, Coca-Cola and Unilever through taking up measures such elimination of single-use packaging that is unnecessary and ensuring effective recycling of about 70 per cent of their plastic packaging.

Plastics straws would no longer be used by Nestle starting February this year, announced the company earlier this month. It has already started work on development of water bottles that are biodegradable. On the other hand, elimination of all plastic straws from all of its stores would be completed by Starbucks by 2020 according to the company.

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