Canada provides $30 million fund to Nokia for 5G research

The fund is aimed at getting a better understanding on how 5G data can be optimally managed in all aspects including cybersecurity.

In a statement, the Canadian government stated, it will provide $30 million (C$40 million) in funding to Finland-based Nokia for research on 5G wireless technology.

The funding will help Nokia better get a grip on how data is routed, how to better manage optical networks and how to improve cybersecurity , said a spokeswoman for Canada’s office of minister of Innovation, Science & Economic Development.

The deal is slated to be announced today.

Canada is studying the security implications of 5G networks, and has yet to ban China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd from providing telecom equipment to the country.

Several countries in the world have blocked Huawei from bidding for contracts for setting up critical 5G networks on inputs from intelligence agencies that Huawei’s equipment has potential backdoors which can be tapped by Chinese intelligence.


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