Huawei To Launch 5G Foldable Smartphone Next Month

Even as the United States has been up in arms against Chinese tech giant Huawei alleging its products can be a huge security risk, plans to make use of the next-generation smartphone developed using its own technology rather than of US components was announced by the tech giant this week.

Huawei Technologies has been making heavy investments in the field of developing its own technology chip – a field of critical technology of smartphones that is dominated by American companies globally. Apart from its smartphones, Huawei is better known as the largest manufacturer and supplier of creation of telecommunication networks in the world.

Richard Yu, CEO of the company’s consumer unit said that the smartphone industry’s biggest annual event, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, next month would be the place where the company would unveil the handset, which Huawei claims is the first smartphone that foldable and has been built with fifth-generation technology.

This smartphone has replaced chips and components from traditional suppliers such as US-based Qualcomm by Huawei’s own Kirin 980 chipset and Balong 5000 modem.

Yu told reporters that there was an increase of 50 per cent in 2018 in the sales of Huawei smartphones and other consumer devices which clearly indicated that there was “no influence” on the sale because of warnings by Western countries about them. This business division recorded more than $52 billion in sale in 2018 which was more than half of the total revenue of $100 billion forecast by the company for the entire of last year. Consolidated resulted for the entire 2018 for the whole company has not yet been released by Huaweim he said.

“In this complicated political environment, we still maintain strong growth,” Yu said.

While still depending significantly on the chips supplied by Intel Corp. and other US suppliers, Huawei has been in the process of in house development of its own increasingly powerful chips for smartphones and servers. Such chipsets are used by Huawei only for its own products.

Xi Wang of IDC said that even though US companies like Qualcomm own a much larger range of products and patents for smartphone chips, Huawei is fast developing its own chipsets and patents for the same.

“Generally speaking, Huawei’s chips are equal to Qualcomm chips in performance,” said Wang. “Not only at the mid-level but at the high end, Huawei can compete with Qualcomm.”

Last year, following the US administration not allowing Huawei’s smaller Chinese rival ZTE Corp from accessing US technology over allegations of violation of US sanctions on Iran and North Korea by the Chinese company, it nearly went into bankruptcy. The company was later allowed access to US technology and chips after it paid a fine of $1 billion and agreed to change its current team with US-chosen compliance officers.

The announcement by Huawei clearly indicates Chinese companies are trying hard to develop their own technology in order to rival with US companies and bring down reliance on imported technology.

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