Artificial Intelligence Center Launched By South American Mining Giant Vale

A new artificial intelligence centre at its Tubarao site in Vitoria, Brazil has been opened by South American miner company Vale which is the amongst the largest mining companies in the world.

The aim of setting up the center for the company was to “leverage the adoption of innovative and disruptive technologies in all areas of the business,” said the company in a statement this week.

There are a number of aspects that would be worked on at the new AI center which includes optimization of the maintenance of assets such as off-road trucks, and enhancement of the process of the management of ore processing.

The use of AI had become “essential for companies,” said Malcolm McCrae, the head of the center. The new AI facility was described as an opportunity to make use of AI for not only Vale but also for other companies in the industry as well.

Vale produces iron ore, pellets and nickel and is the world leader in this segment and is amongst the few but latest firms in the mining industry to look to AI and adopt its use for increasing business prospects. The company is also known to adopt and make use of new and innovative technologies in its business activities.

Another company in the mining industry that has adopted new and innovative technologies is Australian mining firm BHP. The company has adopted a number of new technologies ranging from autonomous drills used at its iron ore mines to trialing “smart caps” which help the company to automatically analyze brain waves to keep a tab on worker fatigue.

According to George Gradl, German tech business SAP’s global head for mining and metals industries, there is considerable potential of creating a positive impact on the mining sector because of innovative technologies if the larger picture is taken into account.

“If we make mining more efficient, people who work in mining should have safer jobs and more long-term jobs, because if you do efficient mining you can also extend the life of a mine,” Gradl said in a television interview recently.

With the adoption of new and innovative technologies which has the potential to make the mining business more efficient, it would also have the impact of creating stability in the global commodity prices which would be able to avoid unnecessary rises and falls p thereby impacting the global markets, Gradl added.

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