Airbus meets 2018 delivery target of 800 aircrafts, subject to ongoing audit

This delivery record marks a new high for Airbus and comes despite the recent delays in its supply chain.

According to sources briefed on the matter at hand, Airbus has already achieved its main industrial target of delivering 800 aircraft in 2018 after record handovers in December.

The final published number is subject to ongoing auditing checks, with raw delivery data standing on the 800 threshold. Nevertheless, Airbus stated, it is optimistic that it has averted its first ever missed delivery goal.

This European record, which albeit is an unofficial tally, includes the recent takeover of Canadian A220 by Airbus and reflects its frenetic effort to catch up after engine delays and other snags.

This record comes in the wake of some speculation whether Airbus will manage to attain its core industrial goal following gaps in its engine supplies in November.

“It seems that they made it,” said a source.

Airbus declined to comment.

Last week, shares of Airbus fell sharply following early signs that it would miss its delivery targets; this was further fuelled by a report that it had fallen short by 9 jets.

Although Airbus is scheduled to publish its full-year data on Friday, it could do so earlier.

With the news reaching the market, its shares were up by 2.7%.

Boeing is scheduled to publish its own delivery data later today. Analysts expect it to retain the crown of being the world’s biggest planemaker for a 7th year in a row. Boeing is targeting 810-815 commercial deliveries this year.

According to sources, the roll call of new orders lacked a little clarity after a late push by both sides, however Boeing succeeded to be at the top after it reached a book-to-bill ratio of 1 after grabbing more net orders than deliveries in 2018.

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