Amazon allows Apple Music on its Echo speakers

This strategic move sees increasing its cooperation with Apple and is probably aimed at boosting its market footprint at the cost of Alphabet’s Google.

On Friday, in a move that marks increased collaboration between two tech giants, Inc stated, Apple Music will become available on its Echo smart speakers starting December 17, 2018.

In a blog post, Amazon disclosed, subscribers of Apple Music who own its Echo speakers will be able to listen to Apple library of 50 million songs.

Earlier this month, Amazon said it would carry more Apple products globally in time for the holiday shopping season.

Further, Amazon had said it would sell the latest editions of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and other devices in the United States, Europe, Japan and India in the coming weeks.

The cooperation between the two is interesting since Apple has its own HomePod smart speaker which uses its Siri voice assistant and competes against offerings from and Alphabet Inc’s Google.

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