All Work Related Ill Employees – Past And Present, To Be Compensated By Samsung

Following suggestions from a mediation panel, South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics announced that every employee, both former and current, who has been taken ill because of work related issues at its South Korean chip and display factories would be compensated by the company.

The company also expressed grief on the death and illness of some of the employee can accepted its failure to offer a safe working environment for the employees and apologised for everything.

There had been a huge controversy following the death of a Samsung chip factory worker with leukaemia in 2007 which had raised concerns and criticism of the working conditions at the South Korean company. This had also resulted in a fight between the South Korean conglomerate and an advocacy group representing sickened workers and their families, and this decision by the company now expectedly will put an end to the controversy that has been going on for years now.

While making the announcement, Samsung pledged that the advice, suggestions and decisions of the mediators would be complied by it.

“We will keep our promise to completely adhere to the mediator’s decision and will quickly come up with plans to implement the decision,” Samsung said in a statement after the mediation body’s proposal.

The mediation committee led by a former supreme justice said in a statement that Samsung should pay up to 150 million won ($185,000) for each of the former and incumbent employees who have been caught sick or died because of work related issues and if it could be proven to have been caused by exposure to chemicals at the factory.

The compensated for their illnesses would be applicable for all employees of Samsung who have or are currently working or have at one point in time worked for at least more than one year since 1984 at the semiconductor and display production plants of Samsung.

In 2014, Samsung had announced the creation of a 100 billion won ($123 million) fund to compensate affected employees while it also issued a public apology for the same.

About 200 workers had fallen ill after working at a Samsung plant and 70 of the affected employees had later passed away, South Korean activist group Sharps had said in 2015.

An arbitration proposal on compensation was agreed to be unconditionally accepted by both Samsung and the civic group in July this year.

While giving a call to Samsung and other similar companies in the electronic sector to undertake measures to create a safe working environment for their employees in their global operations, a UN human rights body welcomed the decision of Samsung to compensate its ill employees in South Korea, in August.

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