Nvidia Corp partners with Chinese EV startups to develop autonomous driving technology

All 3 Chinese startups will base themselves on Nvidia’s Xavier platform which will allow them to add specific software to adapt their vehicles to local traffic and infrastructure situations.

On Wednesday, U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp’s CEO Jensen Huang stated, the chipmaker has signed separate deals with 3 Chinese electric vehicle startups, SF Motors, XPeng Motors and Singulato Motors so as to develop autonomous driving technology.

While speaking at an event in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, Huang said Singulato and XPeng will use Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) while driving chipmaker Xavier will use its computing platform to develop hardware for autonomous driving.

All 3 companies have said separately that they will work on a series of projects ranging from data collection to machine learning.

According to a statement coming from XPeng, it plans on implementing level 3 intelligent driving features in its vehicles from 2020 using customized software and hardware developed with Nvidia and Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co Ltd.

Level 3 in autonomous driving technology refers to drivers being able to turn their attention away from driving tasks while still requiring them to respond immediately in certain scenarios.

Mirroring Xpeng’s statement, Singulato also said, it will use Nvidia’s Xavier platform to develop level 3 self-driving systems and eventually upgrade to level 4.

Silicon Valley-based SF Motors stated, it plans on launching its first electric crossover vehicle in 2019; it will also develop its next-generation autonomous platform using Nvidia’s Xavier platform.

Nvidia’s Xavier platform is an AI computing system-on-chip solution released by it earlier this year. In a statement the chipmaker said, automakers using the platform can add specific software to adapt their vehicles to local traffic and infrastructure situations.


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