Chinese Phone Maker Xaomi To Target Rural India With 5000 New Stores

With the aim of taping into the vast potential of the smaller cities and rural market of India, Chinese smartphone maker Xaomi will set up a chain of physical stores throughout the Indian market. The company announced that by the end of next year, the number of stores would be increase by tenfold.

At present, the Chinese company is considered to be the most popular smartphone brand in the Indian market – the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. .

Om Tuesday, the Guinness World Record for the most stores opened by one company simultaneously was awarded to Xaomi.

The aim of this strategy of opening up thousands of physical stores in the Indian market – especially in the smaller cities and rural areas of the country is to cement its position as the leader in the smartphone industry in India.

The company also announced that it would increase the number of stores in the market to over 5000 by the end of 2020.

“It’s been over a year since we started offering our products through offline retail and we have seen strong growth there,” Manu Jain, Xaomi vice president and managing director for India, said in the press communiqué.

“Offline retail is a huge segment in our country with nearly 40 percent of the offline market focused in rural regions, and all of this should increase our offline sales and account for 50 percent of the company’s revenue by the end of next year.”

The company also claimed that this spree of opening up stores would also help in the generation of about more than 15000 jobs across India.

The company also officially sent out n invitation to people to put in applications for running one of the franchised stores where in the stores would be developed on the model of its Mi retail stores.

“Mi store is the ‘new retail’ model for rural India that gives flagship store experience to our rural customers,” Xaomi said on tweeter.

According to an estimation of Reuters, India represents the fastest growing market in the world and its budget Redmi phone series has been very successful in the market.

About 30 percent of market share of the Indian smartphone market is under the control of Xaomi and which makes it the largest player in the Indian market. And this success has come in s very short period as Xaomi had entered the Indian market only in 2014. Till now, Xaomi predominantly was an online-only retailer and relied on the strength of its online sale channel for success. It later one launched a large number of physical stores all across India. The closest competitors of the company in the Indian market are Samsung and Vivo.

The company also sells smartphones in markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico.

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