Israeli cybersecurity firm Coronet partners with Dropbox

The partnership will extend Coronet’s expertise to millions of Dropbox users.

Israeli cybersecurity firm Coronet has stated, it has entered into a partnership with Dropbox. The move brings millions of users within Coronet’s ambit of protection from possible hacker attacks.

The partnership will see Coronet’s own security features merge with Dropbox’s own security settings, both of which will detect and block suspicious behavior on the platform.

Coronet typically focuses on small-to-midsize businesses.

“We believe this market is under-protected because it can’t afford enterprise-grade security and even if it could, it can’t manage it because it’s complex,” said Dror Liwer, Coronet’s co-founder and Chief Information Security Officer.

Coronet, which partners with Lenovo among others, has about 1.5 million users.

The Dropbox partnership will “probably brings millions of new customers for the company,” who will pay an additional $2.00 a month to get Coronet’s offering, said Liwer.

So far Coronet has raised around $20 million with its main investor being Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). Ashton Kutcher’s fund Sound Ventures is also an investor in the company.

Coronet has plans for a new round of funding in the first quarter of 2019.

“We need more money to fund growth,” said Liwer.


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