Macs And iPad Pros Upgraded By Apple, But Prices Also Increased

Apple Inc. upgraded some of its products that had not had an update for years in a recent event held in New York. The iPhone maker introduced some of the features of its iconic iPhone such as including adding iPhone features like facial recognition to the iPad Pro and increasing the processing power and better displays to some Mac computers.

The updated devices would be available to consumers at the Apple stores from Nov. 7. Consumers would now be offered half a dozen new products with these products if the new iPhones and Apple Watches that were released last month are accounted for. However these new devices would be available at higher prices than previous models for consumers this holiday shopping season.

Some of the updated products introduced by the Cupertino, California, based company include new versions of the iPad Pro, higher end tablets to rival with Microsoft Corp’s Surface that now have thinner bezels and more screen space and a face unlock system that is available on Apple’s newer iPhones. Even though Apple plans to keep an older 10.5-inch version of the iPad on sale for $649, the prices for the iPad Pros were enhanced to $799 and $999 for 11- and 12.9-inch models.

Apple has been trying to win back professionals such as graphic designers who had been targeted and won over by Microsoft with its Surface tablets. The devices have gained market share among professionals this year. Its partnerships with Adobe Inc and Autodesk Inc for software were highlighted by Apple with their software now running on Apple’s iPad Pro.

The worst sale for its Mac range of products was reported by Apple in the July quarter when the company reported a 13 per cent drop in volume year-on-year. The problem was compounded by just a 1 per cent rise in the sale of iPad units in the same period year-on-year. There was also a drop of 5 per cent in revenues year-on-tear in the quarter.

“Yes, you save a bit compared to the Mac Book Pro, but that’s not your main reason for buying it,” which is instead power and portability, said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies. She said Apple “knows they have a very loyal user base that will be willing to spend the money.”

Now the processing power and memory capacity would be added to the Mac Mini, which is a small desktop where customers have to provide for their own display and accessories, and would be available for a starting price of $799 which is also an increase, Apple said. .

“They really wanted to show the world they haven’t forgotten about the iPad and the Mac,” said Mika Kitagawa, a senior principal research analyst at Gartner.

Wrong timing is one of the reasons that analysts are using to explain some of the recent drop in Mac sales. Rather than release new Macs in June – as it had done the previous years, Apple waited till July till the launches.

Running on Microsoft’s full Windows operating system, the Surface line of devices from Microsoft gives customers a cross over between a tablet and laptop. The same operating system as iPhones is used to run the iPad Pro. And for the first time, users would be able to work with an external monitor with the new iPad Pro models as they have been topped up with a USB-C port. Milanesi said that the new range of iPads are now closer to becoming a cross over between a tablet and laptop when it is combined with the existing ability for an iPad Pro to work with a keyboard.

“When people are looking at using this as their main computing device, that’s where you might seem the move toward the 12.9-inch” iPad Pro, she said.

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