ZF Friedrichshafen acquires 35% stake in autonomous vehicle specialist ASAP

ASAP specializes in developing and testing software and electronic architecture for human to machine interfaces, software for autonomous driving, and car-to-x communication.

As part of its strategic push into the future of mobility, car parts maker ZF Friedrichshafen has acquired a 35% stake in ASAP – a Germany-based company which specializes in developing software and testing systems for autonomous driving applications and electric vehicles.

ASAP specializes in developing and testing human-machine interfaces, car-to-x communication, and electronic architecture.

With a staff strength of 1,100, in 2017 it generated sales of 84 million euros.

According to Wolf-Henning Scheider, ZF’s CEO, the company will invest around 12 billion euros in autonomous driving and electro-mobility over the next five years.

ZF Friedrichshafen did not quantify the price it paid for its stake in ASAP.


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