partners with blockchain logistics startup CargoX for pilot project in Brazil

Amazon’s push into Latin America’s biggest economy is driven and bolstered by the listings of third party vendors on its local e-commerce marketplace.

As per a Bloomberg report citing sources familiar with the matter at hand, Inc is working on a pilot logistics project in Brazil with CargoX, a Goldman Sachs-backed blockchain company for bill of lading solutions across the supply chain.

As part of the pilot project is partnering with the Brazilian trucking startup to use bulletproof trucks for the delivery of high-value goods, including electronics, said Bloomberg in its report.

Amazon, which is revving its operations in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, had said in August it will start selling sportswear and clothing on its Brazilian site.

In April 2018, Amazon held talks with Azul SA, a Brazilian airliner, for shipping goods in the country.

Brazil is notorious for its security problems and shoddy roads. Logistics is likely to be a challenge.

CargoX and Amazon declined to comment.


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