Ride-hailing app services company Careem resumes operation in Oman

Dubai-headquartered Middle East ride-hailing app company Careem stated it has resumed its services in Oman and plans on expanding it to other cities as well.

On Monday, Middle East ride-hailing app company Careem stated, it has resumed services in Muscat, Oman and has signed an agreement which will see it partner with a local taxi firm.

In 2017, Dubai-headquartered Careem was forced to suspend its services in Oman following a government directive asking it to first work with licensed taxis.

In a statement, Careem said it had partnered with Marhaba Taxi to register Marhaba’s drivers to Careem’s ride-hailing app.

Rides booked through the Careem’s app would be charged the same fare as regular taxis, said Careem. It also clarified that it would handle the components of the service, including payments and customer service.

The development comes in the wake of Careem resuming its services in the Palestinian city of Ramallah in March 2018 after its priced its fare along the lines of metered taxis. It was also push to work with licensed taxi drivers as part of an agreement with Palestine’s transport ministry.

Its agreement with Marhaba Taxi has ensured that it is the only ride-hailing app firm which operates in all 6 Gulf states. Careem said it plans on introducing all of its services in Oman, as well as expand to all major cities in Oman.

The development has implications for its San Francisco-headquartered rival Uber Technologies. Both firms are competing in many of the region’s major cities.

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