Microsoft Cloud Service Users To Have Password-Less Security Tools

A new enhanced series of security tools that would require users to remember lesser number of passwords was unveiled by United States based global etch giant Microsoft Corporation. The company said that the new tools would enable better security for the accounts of the users of its cloud services despite them having to remember lesser number of passwords.

A new secure multi-factor sign-in process will replace the use of passwords for users which would be made available for users through the new Microsoft Authenticator app, said the U.S. software giant. The new sign-in tool would make use of a combination of phone of the users and their fingerprint, face, or PIN, the company explained.

These new tolls were launched by Microsoft during its Ignite 2018 conference which brought together technologists and business leaders, in Orlando, Florida.

“Nearly all data loss starts with compromised passwords, and so today we are declaring an end to the era of passwords,” Rob Lefferts, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Security wrote in a blog post.

Password-less logins for hundreds of thousands of Azure Active Directory-connected apps on the cloud platform of Microsoft would be supported by the Microsoft Authenticator app.

“No company lets enterprises eliminate more passwords than Microsoft,” Lefferts said, adding that the adoption of a multi-factor sign-in method will reduce compromise by 99.9 percent.

The Microsoft Authenticator app would allow its users to make use of a simpler but more secure log in experience by the replacing the need for passwords and therefore it can be said that the era of passwords is now coming to an end, Lefferts said.

At the same event, Microsoft also launched the tool called Microsoft Secure Score which is aimed for its enterprise users. This tool would help the professional and corporate users to avail security rating that are constantly updated and those that show its more powerful threat intelligence. This new tool is a development of the Office 365 Secure Score of the company. Businesses would be able to better estimate their security conditions and the potential changes that they need to take to respond to threats with the help of this service. The new Microsoft Secure Score reduces possibility of a security breach by 30 folds and therefore it was termed as the only enterprise-class dynamic report card for cybersecurity, Lefferts said.

He said the Redmond, Washington-based company will expand the Secure Score service to cover all of Microsoft 365 starting on Monday.

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