A Single Chip For All Car Communications Needs Developed By Israeli Firm

An Israeli company has announced that it has been able to develop a chip technology that can serve as a universal solution to the self driving car industry. The company called Autotalks based in Kfar Netter in Israel, is a firm that is engage din the development of technologies that aid in automatic communication between the vehicles, the road and the municipal infrastructure which is also known as the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology. The company claimed that the technology that they have developed is the first in the world that serves to simultaneously meet the two standards of this technology that are currently prevailing in the industry.

The second generation of chips developed by the company and those which are ready to be used in the real world has the ability to meet the requirements for the DSRC communications standard and the direct C-V2X communications (PC5 protocol). The first technology is mainly put to use in the markets of US, Japan, and Europe while the later is primarily used in China.

But it is the V2X communications which is more likely to become the technology that would be mass adopted by the3 industry according to the company, because most of the major global car makers have opted to use this technology and putting the technology in the various models of the cars that they are manufacturing.

There has however been a split in the V2X technology users world in recent years and there has been development of two different technologies with two fundamentally different architectures.  This was the major roadblock for the company in the development of one solution that could satisfy both the technologies and thereby stand out as a single global solution.

But the second generation chips that have bene developed by Autotalks are equipped with technology that can satisfy both the groups of the technology. the company said that the chips are ready for commercial use and for instant deployment in mass-produced cars that are equipped with C-V2X capabilities. The chips also have built in support the built-in DSRC.

“Autotalks is proud to announce that the existing array of its second generation can now support PC5,” Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss said. He added, “This is revolutionary stop that proves Autotalks’ leadership in the market. This measure highlights the fact that only a company with multidisciplinary experience in creating communications solutions for vehicle safety can develop a well-secured global V2X solution. We are committed to remaining a company that thinks ahead and to bring a V2X solution to the mass market that will save lives in all areas and for all protocols at an extremely worthwhile price.”

The company has operations in the US, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and France apart from its home country and has about 100 employees. The company is now in the process of increasing its manpower. The firm also got a sizable investment form the South Korean auto giant Hyundai about a month ago. Earlier, the company has successfully completed four rounds of funding and it has a total investment of more than $80 million.

(Adapted from En.Globes.co.il)


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