Market Watchers Expect Apple Inc To Announce New Products On September 12

The question that always goes around in the minds of Apple Inc product users id what new things that the company would come up with after the announcement of the biggest iPhone that it came out with the last time since the original.

Many say that it could be the same device in more colors. But things would be clear on September 12 this year – the date when the company is scheduled to unveil its latest gadgets, according to reports about media invites for the event sent by the company for that day.

Such launches and announcements take place at the company’s slick Apple Park headquarters and the event is keenly watched by most Apple watchers ho anticipate the company to launch a number of new iPhone models and announcement of dates for the next iOS operating systems. according to reports, this time around, the company could bring in changes to the design and manes of the iPhone X as well as other products across its entire range. Many are expecting more options in size, colors and price points, according to a report in the news outlet Bloomberg. The most likely changes could come in the Apple Watch and the Air Pods, the report estimated.

A systematic system is followed by the company for announcement of its smartphone range and most often unveils a major upgrade. The company however did not make the minor updates to its smartphones last year to commemorate the device’s 10-year anniversary. The company skipped the minor changes that were expected for the next iPhone model – iPhone 7, and instead announced the launch of the iPhone 8 and an iPhone X (ten).  However, it is not yet clear the manner in which the company would manage the device naming in the future.

According to reports, no hint of what the company could come up with on September 12 event was made available. The timing of this event by Apple during the fall has now turned out to become an annual affair. Every year for the last six years, a press conference has been announced by Apple in early September to launch a new iPhone.

Typically, the company’s CEO Tim Cook and other executives provide details of the new gadgets in an excited manner along with videos that depict the company employees developing and making the device in the company factory. And this year the predictions about the new products has bene hard to make even for regular analysts of the company and company watchers.

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