Secret Behind DNA Of Dinosaurs Claimed To Have Been Decoded By Scientists

The secret in the genes of dinosaurs that helped them top dominate Earth for 180 million years is being claimed to have been decoded by scientists and researchers at the University of Kent in the U.K.

The possible characteristics of the genes of the very set of first dinosaurs is being claimed to have been identified and decoded by the team of scientists at the university with the use mathematical techniques.

The final outcome of the research work was published in May in the Nature Communications journal. The research results suggested that present day birds may have some of the gene characteristics of dinosaurs and their DVA was very similar to the ancient dinosaurs.

The researchers found that it is most likely that the DNA of the ancient dinosaur was organized into chunks which are known as chromosomes. The fact that the dinosaurs had evolved in a large number of shapes and sizes could be explained by the large number of chromosomes present in their DNA, believe the scientists.

“We think it generates variation. Having a lot of chromosomes enables dinosaurs to shuffle their genes around much more than other types of animals. This shuffling means that dinosaurs can evolve more quickly and so help them survive so long as the planet changed,” Professor Darren Griffin told the media in an interview following the publication.

And despite the fact that this statement may apparently sound like the making of a real life theme park according to the style shown in the history making film Jurassic Park, the researchers do not agree.

“We are not going to have Jurassic Park anytime soon,” Griffin said during the interview of a renowned global television channel. A dinosaur cannot be produced by simply inserting the characteristics of the chromosomes and the DNA of a dinosaur into a distant relative’s egg, Griffin added.

The scientists under taking the research also speculated that the dinosaurs might have been provided by the blueprint for evolutionary success by the manner in which their DNA was organized. This special organization of the DNA of the dinosaurs allowed the species to be able to create variation and therefore help in natural selection which was done in such a way so that the animals were kept alive. This could also be the reason that such a huge variation n shapes and sizes can be seen among the very large species of birds in the world, the researchers also concluded.

But the life altering challenges that the dinosaurs were unable to overcome despite the variation and strength in their genes and DNA was the astronomical impact of asteroids about 66 million years ago which ultimately wiped out all of species and variations of the animals.

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